Thursday, September 15, 2005

Of Montreal!

Wow. Of Montreal was amazing last night. It was so much fun. Northampton is about 900 degrees, and being in a room with a bunch of happy dancy jumpy people and lights and some awesome Elephant 6 rock was HOT. They played a great set list, mostly from Sunlandic Twins and Satanic Panic in the Attic, and tried out a new song (which was awesome, and i got on video). The Management opened for them. They opened last time I saw them too. I think they were better this time. They had more songs and new their stuff better. They were more into it I think. It was pretty fun. But Of Montreal was amazing. I felt bad because I was wearing my Decemberists shirt, but I bought an Of Montreal t-shirt, so I can wear that to concerts later this year. No one ever actually reads this, so I don't particularly feel like going into details about every note they played. Suffice to say, it was awesome and I look forward to the next one. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Well, I'm back at college... I suppose now that I have ethernet I no longer have an excuse not to post. So I will. But mostly about concerts and photos. I'm going to see Of Montreal for the second time tomorrow night. Later in the year: Doves/VHS or Beta, The Decemberists. I'm excited. Classes are going well. I guess I'll write more later. :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's the end of the world as we know it

... and i don't feel fine.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mahjongg/ Dear Leader

Another concert last night... probably the last one until I come back for next year. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it anyway. no pictures, unfortunately. Mahjongg played some guitar-laden songs which were great, and then some animal collactive- like stuff, which was good, but not as much my style. it was fun though because i had been the animal collective concert, so i know what they were all about. They wer friendly though, and told us they wanted to talk to people afterwards. The crowd was TINY. and nao and i were probably the youngest people there. Oh well, it was still cool. Dear Leader is very political (if you hadn't gathered from the name). I guess the lead singer had a band before this one and he did shows with morissey, david bowie, coldplay, and at the drive-in. quite an impressive list. after one song he was all "oh, that was so emo... so emo it hurts" it was funny. then he was all "this is the song you hear on the radio. it's called raging red." it was rather amusing to hear him talk about his own music on the radio... and the expressions that went along with it. all in all, it was a good concert, and a relief to relax after all that school... i'm supposed to be studying for my finals now, but i'm not. reading period is annoying. oh well... so good/bad news: spoon cancelled their concert here, which sucks for those who wanted to go, but since i wouldn't have been here, it may rock for me because they're trying to make up the date in the fall and i might be around. that would be a great show. i'm still missing hot hot heat and the new pornographers though... sigh. so it goes.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

muse.  Posted by Hello

muse... well, muse's light display anyway... Posted by Hello

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razorlight.. it was SO hot... hence the drinking. ;) Posted by Hello

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Muse/ Razorlight

I went to UMass on wednesday to see Razorlight and Muse... it was great. Probably the realest concert i've been to yet, in that there was actually security, and it was an mtv thing. It was fun though... Razorlight talked to the audience a bit, which was cool. I love accents!!! The lead singer kept talking about how hot it was... it was something insane... probably around 90 and we were in a hot gym area with a bunch of people jumping around randomly. Muse didn't say much, but they just don't really have to. Another awesome concert. They played an encore, at which point they someone threw these enormous white balloons with red confetti or something inside, so that when they popped it went everywhere. It was cool. Anyway... we got told that if anyone caught us taking photos again, they'd make us delete them, so i didn't get too many and most were taken discreetly, so as not to get caught, but nao has a few. I'll make her email them to me, and post a few later. Also haven't gotten eliza to give me rainer maria photos. we shall see. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Animal Collective

I went to Hampshire last night... always an interesting experience. Animal Collective and Ariel Pink (and Gang Wizard ... ?) were playing outside. And it was free. It was a little bizarre, but fun. Lots of hippies. :D Lot's of flashing colorful strobes and continuous wafts of pot. ;) And musicians jumping around in animal masks. There was a guy in the front row in a complete animal suit. I thought it was a dog, but it may have been a donkey or something. Amusing, either way. Unfortuanately, we all forgot cameras. Oh well. We took the PVTA there at 9:20 ish and had a friend come pick us up. We got back to Lamont at around 1. And made tea and sat around talking. It was an adventure, that's for sure. I also saw a poster saying the Muse and Razorlight are playing at UMass on wednesday, but that is probably sold out. I'm going to try to find out/get tix. Also, here are some (really bad) photos from Of Montreal. I haven't gotten any from Rainer Maria yet, I don't know if they'll come out. We shall see. :)

Of Montreal Posted by Hello

Of Montreal  Posted by Hello

Rainer Maria

I went to a concert at the campus center on thursday... it's sort of an unfortunate location, but it was only 5 bucks, so i went. Levy, a band from New York, opened from Rainer Maria. They were both pretty good. I enjoyed it immensely. I got a free CD from Levy, and an autograph from Rainer Maria. Levy sounds completely different live and on CD. I wouldn't have guessed it was the same band, really. It was fun though. If i get any photos later, i'll post them. It was a fun concert though. The power went out three times during Levy's first song. Oh well. Good times.