Sunday, March 27, 2005

OK Go!!!!

i went to see OK Go last night... yay! they were so much fun. I'm posting a few photos of them... They have a new guitarist, so he pretty much vanished after the show, but Nao got one photo of them all together. I got Damian, Tim, and Dan to autograph my shirt though, so that's pretty cool. Anyway, it was a rocking concert, and i eagerly await their new album. :)

OK Go Posted by Hello

Damian (lead guitar/vocals) with Nao and I  Posted by Hello

Friday, March 18, 2005

sept mois

49,5 jours encore. :)

Monday, March 14, 2005

spring break

hi... haven't written in awhile... it is now spring break. i'm trying to do an insane amount of work because i am staying at smith and i want to get a little ahead for the next week or so if possible... by reading a zillion plays for my theatre history class and then i will have one less thing to do during school. i have four really long ones left. sigh. and a bunch of other work. but i am not complaining... really, i'm not. :) it's actually pretty fun being here alone, because i love the college and the campus and the town of northampton, minus the stress of impending doom... i mean, deadlines... ;) so i've been watching a lot of movies and wandering about town a lot. and hanging out with a couple friends who are staying for awhile. my roomie is leaving for new york tomorrow... lucky. ok, well, i guess i shall proceed to procrastinate somehow... :) not too much to say. teehee...

let's talk about spaceships or anything except you and me, ok?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


happy rabbit's day again. i haven't posted in a long time, and i really don't have anything new to say. I took two midterms today, french and theatre history, and my ass still hurts from the kicking it got. ;) on the upside i got a package from my mom. on the downside, she enclosed my tax forms. on the weather side, it snowed. actually, that was kinda fun. I have had theatre rehearsals every night like crazy for four hours a night, and I walked out of the theatre and blinked... and it seemed to be snowing. it was cool. only 9 days of school until spring break!!! yay!!!i went to the hampshire college version of the Telluride film festival... they showed basically the same ones as they did here... it actually made me miss home. Everyone was so homer... hippies in casual sports clothing... hadn't brushed their hair, laughed at random things... it was great. i went with my roomie, ellen, nao, eliza and her friend doug who came to visit for the weekend. we had fun. the van driver was playing really amusing music and we all started dancing around on the way back. i have had crazy rehearsals lately, so it's been that and homework and no time for anything else. hopefully life will calm down after this week. so, yeah... blah blah blah. welcome to march. :)